IP Organizations


In order to be successful in intellectual property and information law (and the legal profession generally), you need to stay abreast of current issues, establish networks of contacts that you can trust, and learn the landscape of legal practice.  We strongly encourage students who hope to practice information law to participate in IP-related clubs and student events and to take advantage of reduced rates for student membership in regional IP associations. 

The following organizations should certainly be on your radar:

Rutgers Intellectual Property Legal Association (RIPLA)

RIPLA is a student-run organization within Rutgers Law – Camden dedicated to making students aware of the Intellectual Property based opportunities available to them in Philadelphia and beyond. General meeting are held throughout the year with practicing attorneys who are invited to speak about their career paths and those available to students in their field. Our own Rutgers Law professors are also often invited to speak about current issues in the field and how they may affect students who are pursuing their own career in the field of Intellectual Property. 

RIPLA also provides updates to students of Intellectual Property related academic and employment opportunities in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Networking opportunities, internships, and writing competitions are only a few of the events and opportunities that RIPLA keeps its member students informed of.  Given the extremely competitive nature of the job market in recent years RIPLA recognizes that it is vital for students to get the leg up on their competition through the contacts they can form or the prestige they can gain through these events.

If you wish to get involved with RIPLA and receive emails regarding upcoming events and opportunities, please see the contact information at the RIPLA website: http://org.law.rutgers.edu/o-ripla/index.php “

Cyberlaw Society

“The students of the Cyberlaw Society of Rutgers School of Law – Camden, in order to support and encourage the pursuit and study of legal issues surrounding new and developing technologies, digital media, the Internet, and virtual worlds, form a community of like-minded law students to share ideas and interests.  The society provides the student community with information about cyberlaw and its growing significance in their everyday lives.  In addition, guest lecturers specializing in the fields emerging issues are regularly brought in to keep students aware of current trends in technology and changes in the law.

We encourage any interested students to contact Cyberlaw-society-at-the-rutgers-school-of-law—moc.spuorgelgoognull@nedmac for more information.”


It is never too early to get into contact with local practitioners — including many Rutgers Law alumni — who work in the area of intellectual property and information law.  One way to do this is to join local, national, and international organizations as a student member.  Many IP law groups offer student members steep discounts on membership dues (generally about $25).  The following are a list of organizations you may wish to join to learn more about IP practice.


INTA – The International Trademark Association

The Copyright Society of the USA

Also note, CSUSA has a Philadelphia Chapter

AIPLA – The American Intellectual Property Law Association

ABA-IP – The American Bar Association Section on Intellectual Property Law

Also note, the ABA has an section on Science & Technology Law


PIPLA – The Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association

NJIPLA – The New Jersey Intellectual Property Law Association

NYIPLA – The New York Intellectual Property Law Association

Other Philadelphia area law schools (e.g. Temple, Penn, Drexel, Villanova) and New York area law schools (e.g. Cardozo, Seton Hall, Fordham, NYU, Columbia) also have student IP law clubs that sometimes host public events, such as symposia.  IP-focused students from Rutgers Law are encouraged to attend these events.


The organizations listed above generally include those who are actively practicing in the field of intellectual property and information law.  In addition, many national and local organizations engage with IP in pursuit of specific political goals.  Some of these organizations seek public support in their lobbying, pro bono service, and litigation efforts.  For instance, the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and the New Jersey Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts both offer pro bono services to the arts community.  Organizations like Public Knowledge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation attempt to influence the future direction of intellectual property law.  IP Students at Rutgers Law have worked for these and similar organizations during the course of their law school studies.