Faculty & Fellows

The RIIPL community includes the directors, affiliated faculty, fellows, advisory board, and student fellows.  You can get news about RIIPL activities and upcoming events by visiting this site or following us on the social media platforms at rights.

RIIPL Co-Directors:

Michael Carrier
Distinguished Professor
Ellen P. Goodman
Professor of Law

RIIPL Affiliated Faculty

Professor William McNichol has been a member of the adjunct faculty since 2000.  He brings to the classroom his experience as a leading member of the Intellectual Property bar for 30 years.  He has represented clients in patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright cases in trial courts nationwide, and in the court of appeals.  He has lectured throughout Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States on the acquisition and enforcement of intellectual property rights.  Prof. McNichol is a member of the bars of New York, Washington, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.



Professor Jane Massey Licata is a Member of Licata & Tyrrell PC, a law firm in Marlton, NJ. As a lawyer in Marlton, New Jersey, attorney Licata serves Burlington County, as well as clients throughout New Jersey.  She has prosecuted patents covering a wide variety of biotechnologies, including stem cells, antisense therapeutics, gene therapy, molecular diagnostics and new drug targets.  Professor Licata is a 1984 graduate of Rutgers School of Law-Camden.


2012-2013 RIIPL Fellow


Dr. Tarlach McGonagle specializes in a broad range of topics relating to international and European human rights law, especially the rights to freedom of expression and religion; minority rights; participatory rights, and cultural and linguistic rights. His other main area of expertise is international, European and comparative media law and policy. Themes such as pluralism, diversity, tolerance and “hate speech” have a central place in his research.