Author: Student Contributor

One Mann’s Assault on the First Amendment Continues

By Robert Lufrano (Rutgers Law Student) It has been over four years since Dr. Michael E. Mann, climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, filed an anti-defamation lawsuit against conservative magazine National Review and its columnist Mark Steyn, and public policy

Proposed Indiana Senate Bill 285 Will Fence In Protesters

By  Timothy McMahon (Rutgers Law Student)  When a massive crowd of people takes to the streets marching for a cause it is breathtaking to behold, and could have a symbolic effect that can last generations. From the Selma Marches to

The Lanham Act’s Disparagement Clause is in Trouble

By Jason M. Russell (Rutgers Law Student) Simon Tam, an Asian-American musician, author, speaker, and political activist, applied to the federal government to register the phrase “THE SLANTS” as a trademark to identify and distinguish his rock band. According to

Friends Don’t Let Friends Share “Fake News”: FTC Cannot Effectively Regulate “Fake News,” So It’s up to Us to Make News True(ish) Again

By Samuel E. Bordoni-Cowley (Rutgers Law Student) Should we invite the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to extend its reach in regulating online content in the name of stopping the spread of “fake news”? Some scholars might say the marketplace of