Visiting RIIPL at Rutgers-Camden

The Rutgers-Camden campus is part of the Philadelphia metropolitan region, located on the east bank of the Delaware River, right at the foot of the Jersey side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.  (Rutgers Law is actually closer to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall than any other law school.)  Here’s a navigable Google Map:

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Here’s a satellite view of the law school.  Highlighted on the map are the Camden County College parking garage (a good place for visitors to park), and the law school entrances on Penn Street.


Arriving by car from Philadelphia:
If you come by car, take the Ben Franklin Bridge (676) and stay in the far right lane.  Before you reach the tolls, take the first right hand exit and you’ll hit a stop sign.  If you want to park at the Camden garage, turn left at that sign and the entrance to the garage (about $8/day) is on your right.  If you want to try for metered parking on 5th or Penn or if we’ve arrange for a hangtag, turn right at the stop sign and head west on Penn Street.

Arriving from South or North Jersey:
The law school has detailed directions here.

Arriving by PATCO:
The PATCO City Hall/Rutgers stop is just two blocks south of the campus on 5th street.  Here’s a route map.

Once you get to the school:
As you can see from the maps above, the law school building is split by 5th Street into east (“new building”) and west (“old building”) halves.  If you’re coming to an event, you’ll generally be entering on the east side, which features a guard/reception desk.

Driving back to Philadelphia:
When you exit the Penn Street garage, take a right on Penn, a right on Broadway, a left on Cooper, then a left on 7th Street North, which is a bridge over 676.  (See the map.)  Once you’ve crossed the bridge, take a left on Linden, and that will feed you into the 676 tolls.