OF SEARCH ENGINES, UNFOLDING JURISDICTION AND THE CLAIMS OF PRIVACY: THE DRAMA OF INTERNET POLICY AND THE RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN JANUARY 29, 2015 06:00PM – 08:00PM CARDOZO SCHOOL OF LAW, ROOM 206 55 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY, Panel Discussion Featuring Professor Ellen Goodman (Rutgers University) and Marcel Leonardi (Senior Public Policy Counsel, Google) The European Court of  Human Rights, in a case involving a claimant in Spain seeking to forbid the listing of certain information,  created a process for people to remove links to unwanted content  The case created a zone of substantial debate about the scope of the right,  the entities subject to the right, the territorial implications and the complexities of compliance. Debates about these issues are taking place in Europe and across the world. Professor Goodman is engaged in a research effort concerning Google and the implementation of this right.  Professor Leonardi considers these questions both in his role as a law professor and as a member of Google’s public policy team. This discussion is part of the Americas Round of Oxford University’s Price International Media Moot Court Competition.