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Embedded Tweets Infringe, But the Internet is Not Doomed

WINNER OF THE THIRD ANNUAL LASTOWKA SHORT-FORM WRITING COMPETITION By Matthew Yost (Rutgers Law Student) In July of 2016, Justin Goldman took a photograph of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady alongside Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge and posted the photo

A Court’s Ruling Demonstrates the Need for a Heightened Originality Requirement for Derivative Sound Recordings

By Timothy McMahon (Rutgers Law Student) In 2016, a Federal District Court in California sent shock waves throughout the realm of sound recordings. ABS Entertainment vs. CBS Corporation, ABS v. CBS, began when a collective group of copyright owners of

Could Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Finally Attain Federal Copyright Protection?

By Timothy McMahon (Rutgers Law Student) Currently a trio of acts are making their way through Congress that could forever change copyright law for sound recordings. The Music Modernization Act and the Allocation for Music Producers Act (AMP Act) are