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Lastowka Short-Form Writing Competition – SUBMISSIONS DUE 4/1/18

The Rutgers Institute for Information Policy & Law is pleased to announce the Lastowka Short-Form Writing Competition. Open to Rutgers students and recent graduates (class of 2017), the award will be given to an entry of 500-1,500 words on a topic

From Earth to Outer Space: The Limits of the U.S. Patent Law

WINNER OF THE SECOND ANNUAL LASTOWKA SHORT-FORM WRITING COMPETITION By Anne Colrick (Rutgers Law Student) A patent gives an inventor the right to prevent others from “making, using, offering for sale, or selling” his invention.  The U.S. patent system is territorial in

RIIPL and Professor Ellen P. Goodman welcome leading scholars in technology law, journalism, information studies, sociology, urban studies, and architecture September 14-15, 2017 to a workshop on: PUBLIC ACCESS TO DATA The goal of the project is to improve understanding

The Age of Actors Will Out: First Amendment Protection for Disclosing Hollywood Birthdays

By Andrew Jadick (Rutgers Law student) On February 22, 2017, a US District Court issued a ruling invalidating a law making it illegal for the website IMDB to publish the ages of actors. This law was enacted by the California