With funding from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, we have launched the RIIPL News Law Project.  There is a crisis and opportunity in journalism.  As established news organizations shrink, new digital ventures are expanding.  But these new ventures often lack the in-house legal resources that the larger press organizations enjoy.  The RIIPL News Law Project seeks to help fill that gap by providing an FAQ on some of the most common newsgathering questions that journalists face.   Rutgers Law students, working under the supervision of Professor Ellen P. Goodman, are providing this guidance, focusing on New Jersey and applicable Third Circuit law.  This is not legal advice, but general plain English guidance to help journalists think through risks and rights.  In addition to helping journalists, the project trains aspiring lawyers in media law issues so that they are better prepared upon graduation to provide legal assistance in the field.  FAQ users are invited to register, share their own experiences, and pose additional questions on the site.