RIIPL Co-Director, Professor Ellen P. Goodman, was featured in “Spotify’s handling of COVID-19 misinformation on Joe Rogan’s podcast takes heat from critics.”

“‘What we know is that it’s [adding a content advisory label] not going to have a strong effect in terms of changing people’s minds,’ Ellen Goodman, a professor at Rutgers Law School whose research focuses on information policy law, free speech and media policy, told ABC News of adding fact-checking labels to misinformation. Goodman stressed that most of the research on this topic, however, looks at traditional social media platforms versus streaming services like Spotify.

Goodman said that existing research on this topic has shown that it is unlikely people’s opinions are going to be changed by something like a fact-checking label, especially for content on ‘something as polarizing as vaccines.’

‘The evidence shows that it probably doesn’t do a huge amount to dissuade people from their priors,’ she added. ‘But, also, the evidence shows that if they’re not coming into it with a prior, like they’re not in one camp or the other — it’s hard to imagine that there are people like on the fence about this issue — but if there are such people, then disclaimers can be effective.'”

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