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Revealing Algorithmic Rankers

By Julia Stoyanovich (Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Drexel University) and Ellen P. Goodman (Professor, Rutgers Law School).  This post is derived from their recent Freedom to Tinker post. ProPublica’s story on “machine bias” in an algorithm used for sentencing

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Win Against Cynical Use of First Amendment to Trash Warning Labels

We have been looking at what’s happening in the Bay Area to municipal regulations that would require warning labels on soda and cell phones.  Industry claims that these warning labels violate their First Amendment rights by compelling speech.  The cities

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Soda Industry Attacks Added Sugar Disclosure in Obesity Wars

Here come the First Amendment challenges to new governmental battles against “added sugars” in the war against obesity.  Last week, the FDA sought comment on its proposal to require nutritional labels to list “added sugars” – that is, sugars that

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