RIIPL Co-Director, Professor Ellen P. Goodman’s work was cited in the Federal Trade Commission’s June 2022 Report to Congress on “Combatting Online Harms Through Innovation.” Congress called upon the FTC to report on how artificial intelligence could be used to address online harms in the 2021 Appropriation Act.
In the report’s recommendations on platform AI interventions, Professor Goodman’s work on circuit breakers or virality disrupters and related recommendations to policymakers is outlined (see Digital Information Fidelity and Friction and The Stakes of User Interface Design for Democracy by Ellen P. Goodman).
Additionally, Professor Goodman’s forthcoming paper The Impact of Twitter Labels on Misinformation Spread and User Engagement: Lessons from Trump’s Election Tweets, co-written with Orestis Papakyriakopoulos, is cited in relation to the impact (or lack thereof) that misinformation warning labels had on tweets with related to the election.