Professor Camilla Hrdy’s article cited in FTC ruling

Professor Camilla Hrdy’s article, “Beyond Trade Secrecy: Confidentiality Agreements That Act Like Noncompetes,” was cited in the Federal Trade Commission’s recent ruling banning most noncompete agreements entered between employers and workers.  Hrdy’s article, which is co-authored by Prof. Chris Seaman at Washington and Lee, was just published in the Yale Law Journal. The article shows … Continue reading Professor Camilla Hrdy’s article cited in FTC ruling

Karyn Temple Presents 2024 Lastowka Lecture

On March 21, 2024, Karyn A. Temple, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel for the Motion Picture Association, presented the 2024 Lastowka lecture. Title “Chicken Little Was Wrong: A Site-Blocking Retrospective and Roadmap for the Future,” Ms. Temple explained the importance of measures like blocking piracy websites for targeting illegal infringement.