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The Lanham Act’s Disparagement Clause is in Trouble

By Jason M. Russell (Rutgers Law Student) Simon Tam, an Asian-American musician, author, speaker, and political activist, applied to the federal government to register the phrase “THE SLANTS” as a trademark to identify and distinguish his rock band. According to

Friends Don’t Let Friends Share “Fake News”: FTC Cannot Effectively Regulate “Fake News,” So It’s up to Us to Make News True(ish) Again

By Samuel E. Bordoni-Cowley (Rutgers Law Student) Should we invite the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to extend its reach in regulating online content in the name of stopping the spread of “fake news”? Some scholars might say the marketplace of

SCOTUS to Rule on Social Media Rights of Sex Offenders

By Jace Brown (Rutgers Law Student) To what extent can states regulate the use of social media by registered sex offenders, without infringing their First Amendment free speech rights?  That is the issue to be decided in Packingham v. North

The $2.2 Million Lawn Sign and the First Amendment

By Christopher J. D’Alessandro  (Rutgers Law Student) It’s difficult to imagine how a political lawn sign could come with a price tag of $2,263.489.  What could make a flimsy cardboard sign for a Paterson, New Jersey mayoral candidate warrant such