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Silencing EPA Science

By Lindsey Stiles (Rutgers Law Student) White House directives put a muzzle on federal agencies as landing teams were put in place to manage agency re-alignment with the incoming Administration’s political agenda.  These so-called “gag orders” halted external communication, prohibiting

Free Speech on Berkeley Campus

By Lori Smith (Rutgers Law Student) As the birthplace of the free speech movement, it is ironic that the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) has been under attack with allegations of stifling free speech on its campus. It started when

One Mann’s Assault on the First Amendment Continues

By Robert Lufrano (Rutgers Law Student) It has been over four years since Dr. Michael E. Mann, climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, filed an anti-defamation lawsuit against conservative magazine National Review and its columnist Mark Steyn, and public policy

Proposed Indiana Senate Bill 285 Will Fence In Protesters

By  Timothy McMahon (Rutgers Law Student)  When a massive crowd of people takes to the streets marching for a cause it is breathtaking to behold, and could have a symbolic effect that can last generations. From the Selma Marches to